Our Alaskan Cultivators

Denali Dispensaries & Cultivation

Denali Dispensaries, cannabis in Alaska, Seward Alaska dispensary. Seward cannabis company

Denali Dispensaries and Cultivation offers nothing but, QUALITY. The Tufted Puffin is proud to offer these strains at our Seward, Alaska location. 

Seward Alaska Dispensary, Permafrost distributors Soldotna Alaska. Alaska Cannabis products

Permafrost established in February 2016 as one of the first regulated growers in the state of Alaska. Prior to licensing, we spent a lot of time and energy "Pheno Hunting" or looking for good, stable genetics to showcase in our gardens. As a result, we have developed an outstanding product that our customers love. Our bestsellers include Frosted Lemonade, Frosted Cookies, Permafrost Hashplant and Creeper Cobra.

Alaska Cannabis Co.

Alaska Cannabis Co, Kenai Alaska. Seward Alaska dispensary.

Our curing process produces an extraordinarily smooth smoke with a complex terpene profile. Our curing and aging process takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the strain and environmental conditions. This attention to the final product takes longer and costs us more, but we think it’s worth the extra effort. We are passionate about making amazing cannabis and like fine wine, you can’t rush cannabis to market until it’s ready.

Slow cannabis is better cannabis — from the long cure to hand trimming, we don’t rush a thing to bring you the best possible cannabis.

Born in Alaska. Born to Fly. 

Worner Bro's


  Worner Brothers Horticulture is a standard cultivation  company located in sterling Alaska.

We grow using hydroponics on a perpetual bloom cycle. 

Our crops are dried & cured in glass, to give the consumer a truly pleasing high. This cure process gives our flower unforgettable flavors, perfect moisture content and a product that is not only pleasing to the eye, but to the head as well. You will be ecstatic with our flower,  and upon your first glimpse you will see why our curing process with glass, and our strains are second to none. 

Catalyst Cannabis Co.

Catalyst Cannabis Co. Anchorage Alaska. Seward Alaska cannabis dispensary. Alaskan cannabis sales

Catalyst is emerging as the leader in the Alaskan cannabis community.

Our offerings include flowers of heirloom, boutique and Alaskan cannabis strains. From our 100% organic line, to our experimental and ground-breaking cultivation techniques, each phase of production is hand crafted with the utmost precision, care and attention to detail.

Catalyst - the standard for the Alaskan cannabis connoisseur.

Lady Gray


Lady Gray is a small team of cannabis advocates and enthusiasts that have dreamed of making a career out of our love of cannabis; sharing and promoting the variety of the plant’s benefits.  We have some interesting backgrounds that spread across not only the cannabis industry but real estate, portrait photography, banking, construction, the military, grant writing, food service and catering.  Our entrepreneurial spirit runs strong! Over the last couple years we were able to work in a manner that everyone brings something special to the table.  We find it inspiring how cannabis brings us together and chuckle at the fact we’re really getting to do this! 

Much Love,

Tasha & The Ladies.

Our Alaskan Cultivators

Greatland Ganja



Greatland Ganja harvested the first recreational cannabis crop in Alaska and holds the second Marijuana Establishment License to be issued by the State. Our product is found at retail locations state-wide. We are committed to compliance, ethical industry practices, security, and above all, safety. The founders of Greatland Ganja are working through organizations such as Alaska Marijuana Industry Association to help shape fair, legitimate, safe, and ethical licensing and operating rules. 

Our Philosophy

Quality, and a full service to retailers, and thereby the end consumer, are cornerstones of our business philosophy. We offer shipments of fully compliant, tested, quality controlled, packaged, labeled, GG farm branded, and hand-delivered cannabis in a variety of product lines and strains. When we show up to a retail we do everything from offer consultation on showroom design to actual bud tender training! We do not leave until the retail is ready. Retailers and consumers alike have come to appreciate our thorough approach.

Cold Creak Extracts


We’re not just marijuana manufacturers - we’re avid users of our own product and have crafted THC and CBD products based around our own needs and the needs of our customers. 

 The Cold Creek Extracts team is passionate about making concentrates without the use of butane or other harsh solvents that leave state-allowed traces of residual chemicals in the final product. By selecting the right starting cannabis material with the right blend of naturally-derived terpenes, that’s all our concentrates need. Moreover, we don’t add fake flavoring or colors, ever. We only ingest the best - and we thought our customers would feel the same way, too. 

Midnight Sun Manufacturing


 We are a small family business.  We are passionate about bringing the finest Co2 concentrates to the land of the midnight sun.  We hold strategic partnerships with some of the best growers in Alaska. 

We want to offer our customers, Alaska's finest concentrates.  We focus on precision in manufacturing.  Our Co2 extraction equipment is the best available within the business.